“Amee provided occupational therapy services for about 14 months due to post-concussive syndrome. Her support was invaluable for my recovery – in particular, she helped improve my quality of life and facilitated my successful return to full-time work as a lawyer in a fast paced environment.

When I began seeing Amee, I had limited cognitive tolerance (e.g. could check emails for about 20 minutes). She helped me develop a daily routine to prepare for my return to work, and developed a customized “cognitive circuit training program” based on my symptoms and goals.

Throughout this process, Amee has consistently provided sound advice and support. She helped me with things I didn’t even realize I needed, like preparing for the emotional side of returning to work. I highly recommend Amee for her compassionate and effective approach!”

AP, Client

“Amee Le provided occupational therapy support to me over a period of a few months after I was injured in a traffic accident. Her techniques were primarily through the use of monitored bio-feedback as well as in-depth counselling using the results of these tests. I was also given equipment to self-monitor after the therapy sessions were over.

At all times, I was truly impressed with her commitment to me as a patient and her high level of diagnostic acumen. Her help went a long way in relieving many facets of the post-accident stress disorder that I suffered in the months and years that followed.

I highly recommend Amee to anyone requiring therapy in similar situations of high stress.”

JS, Client

“Amee offered a tuned in and caring approach that helped me set realistic goals to gradually get my life back on track after it was turned upside down following a Motor Vehicle Accident.  She gave guidance as to how to manage concussion symptoms and helped with establishing a health care team, planning treatment, personal support and the timing of introducing various modalities to optimize my recovery.

She was a ray of sunshine in a challenging time and her positive approach helped me stay optimistic and supported during every phase of the recovery process.”

AH, Client