Mindfulness-based Expressive Art Therapy

Mindfulness-based Expressive Art Therapy is offered for persons seeking private 1:1 therapy. This program combines mindful meditation for stress, anxiety and pain management as well as therapeutic use of art to express difficult emotions.

Adding an art activity to private therapy sessions can allow a person who has experienced trauma to use art as a mean of communication and self-expression. Using images and art can be less threatening than using only words and talking which may be an easier way to express difficult emotions that a person may not readily want to talk about. Art activities allow a person to re-engage with their creative abilities and this process encourages exploration, emotional growth and increases confidence. Art activities provide a person with opportunities and freedom to make decisions, and to test out ideas that can lead to increase self-awareness, self-reflection and insight. This is a validating experience as each piece of art provides concrete evidence of a person’s creative potential.