What is Mindful Occupational Therapy Services?

Mindful Occupational Therapy Services is a company that values integrity and client-centred services.  The focus of the company is providing high-quality compassionate services to individuals and families. People need care after a motor vehicle collision.  Those experiencing post concussion symptoms, chronic pain, orthopaedic injuries, anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges can greatly benefit from the right treatment, care and consultation.

Occupational Therapy Services include:
  • Functional In-Home Occupational Therapy Assessments
  • Assessments of Attendant Care Needs – Form 1
  • Work Site Assessment and Return to Work Services
  • Home Accessibility Assessments
  • Assistive devices assessments and consultations
  • Urgent Hospital Discharge Planning
  • Occupational Therapy Reactivation Programs
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) assessments and treatment
  • Physical, cognitive, mental health and case management services for Veterans
  • Paediatric Services for kids with autism, fine motor difficulties, sensory integration, self-regulation
Alternative Services include:
  • Mindfulness-based HeartMath Intervention Assessment & Treatment
  • Arts-based Occupational Therapy
  • Mindful Art Workshop
A thorough assessment is recommended followed by treatment for:
  • Physical abilities like strength, balance, coordination, equipment prescription and functional reactivation programs
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation services for improved memory, cognitive remediation & compensatory strategies, planning and organizational skills
  • Emotional abilities like coping strategies, quality of life measures, mindfulness-based therapy, HeartMath intervention
  • Social support in the home, school, work or community safety and reintegration

About Amee


I am the owner and director of Mindful Occupational Therapy Services. As an Occupational Therapist, I take a compassionate and creative approach to my work. I begin by connecting with a person’s strengths and problems. We collaborate to set realistic and functional goals. Taking a gentle approach, we work to address the traumatic losses and take steps forward.

My clinical experience includes assessing and treating children with autism and adults with brain injuries. I provide treatments in client’s homes and their communities. I have worked extensively in integrated residential care with adults who have severe acquired brain injury. While there, I developed the first occupational therapy program for the not-for-profit agency, which is still in use to date. My educational background includes a M.Sc. in OT and a BASc. in Child Studies.

The clinical area of practice that I am most passionate about is Mindfulness-based HeartMath Intervention, and Arts-based Occupational Therapy. I am a certified HeartMath Practitioner since 2012. These treatment modalities combine science and creative expression. The growth and changes that can happen for clients who accept these treatment modalities are remarkable!


“Amee provided occupational therapy services for about 14 months due to post-concussive syndrome. Her support was invaluable for my recovery – in particular, she helped improve my quality of life and facilitated my successful return to work.

When I began seeing Amee, I had limited cognitive tolerance (e.g. could check emails for about 20 minutes). She helped me develop a daily routine to prepare for my return to work, and developed a customized “cognitive circuit training program” based on my symptoms and goals. My cognitive stamina gradually improved. With Amee’s ongoing guidance, I was able to return to work part-time with accommodations, and eventually full-time as a lawyer in a fast paced environment.

Throughout this process, Amee has consistently provided sound advice and support. She helped me with things I didn’t even realize I needed, like preparing for the emotional side of returning to work. I highly recommend Amee for her compassionate and effective approach!”

AP, Client,
June 2019

“Amee offered a tuned in and caring approach that helped me set realistic goals to gradually get my life back on track after it was turned upside down following a Motor Vehicle Accident.  She gave guidance as to how to manage concussion symptoms and helped with establishing a health care team, planning treatment, personal support and the timing of introducing various modalities to optimize my recovery.

She was a ray of sunshine in a challenging time and her positive approach helped me stay optimistic and supported during every phase of the recovery process.”

AH, Client
August 2018

“Amee Le provided occupational therapy support to me over a period of a few months after I was injured in a traffic accident. Her techniques were primarily through the use of monitored bio-feedback as well as in-depth counselling using the results of these tests. I was also given equipment to self-monitor after the therapy sessions were over.

At all times, I was truly impressed with her commitment to me as a patient and her high level of diagnostic acumen. Her help went a long way in relieving many facets of the post-accident stress disorder that I suffered in the months and years that followed.

I highly recommend Amee to anyone requiring therapy in similar situations of high stress.”

JS, Client
October 2018


“It was a privilege to work in partnership with Amee. We implemented an art therapy program for adults with acquired brain injuries.  Her intuition and creativity mixed with her resourcefulness in creating this unique program were evident. She has an amazing ability to structure and organize programs based on need, enabling her to connect brilliantly with each participant.  Her approach is calming. She creates a wonderful environment of growth and learning.  Amee utilizes a unique blend of artistic mediums to help individuals connect with themselves. She is ambitious and adapts well. Her creativity is wonderfully unique.”

Kat Powell, Programs and Services Coordinator


“Amee is a talented clinician who brings a knowledge of mindfulness to her work. She understands the needs of people living with the challenges of acquired brain injury (ABI)”

Carolyn Lemsky, Neuropsychologist


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