What is Mindful Occupational Therapy Services?

Mindful OT services is a company that values integrity and client-centered services. What does an occupational therapist do? The generic definition of Occupational therapy “is the use of assessment and intervention to develop, recover, or maintain the meaningful activities, or occupations, of individuals, groups, or communities.” In other words, we help you to re-engage in activities that are most important to you. Many daily activities are lost and/or damaged after a car accident. An occupational therapist can help you to re-discover your abilities, skills, and help you to regain your confidence to carry out your daily activities.

Mindful OT services was created in 2015 with the aims of helping clients to re-discover their inner potential. The focus of the company is on providing high-quality services to individuals and families who have been involved in a motor vehicle collision. The company operates within the Statutory Accident Benefits Summary (SABS) to provide care for individuals involved with insurance claims. Mindful OT services is registered and licensed on the Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).

The services offered tare focused on the therapeutic treatment of individuals struggling to make sense of the trauma associated with a car accident. A thorough in-home assessment is recommended followed by treatment. The assessment can include the following assessment (list provided by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists):

  • Your physical abilities like strength, balance, and coordination
  • Your mental abilities like memory, coping strategies, organizational skills
  • What materials or devices you use to participate in activities like furniture, utensils, tools or clothes
  • What social and emotional support is available to you at home, school, work or in the community, and
  • The physical setup of your house, classroom, workplace or other environments

About Amee

As an occupational therapist, I take a creative approach to my work. I value an individualized treatment process determined by a client’s needs. I begin by recognizing a person’s strengths and losses to collaborate with the person to set goals. Taking a gentle and holistic approach, we work together to address the losses and take steps forward.

My clinical experience includes assessing and treating children with autism and adults with brain injuries. I provide treatments in client’s homes and their communities. My educational background includes a M.Sc. in OT and a BASc. in Child Studies.

The clinical area of practice that I am most passionate about is Mindfulness-based Biofeedback, and Mindfulness-based Expressive Art Therapy. These holistic treatment modalities combine science, spirituality and creative expression. These forms of integrative treatment help a person to process traumatic experiences in a safe space. Here, my client can express themselves and begin to create a new identity; from fragmented to a meaningful whole. The growth and changes that can happen for clients who accept these treatment modalities are remarkable.

A little about my company. Mindful Occupational Therapist Services is a company that values integrity and client-centered services. My company provides occupational therapy services to help you re-engage in important and meaningful activities. Many daily activities become challenging after a car accident, concussion, brain injury or traumatic experiences. Occupational therapy services with a focus on Mindfulness and Art can help you to recover so you can feel confident to carry out your daily activities and be yourself again.


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Please send a referral letter with the necessary information to complete an OCF-18 treatment plan.

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